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Course Safety

Fog & Lightening

In the event of an electrical storm, suspend play immediately and take appropriate action.

Do not commence or continue play in fog/poor visibility, when you cannot see the clear distance of your intended shot.

Public Footpath

Players must be aware of pedestrians walking along the Mersey Bank while playing the 4th, 5th and 6th holes.

Please DO NOT hit if any pedestrians are in sight walking along the Bank while playing the holes.

Make sure to shout ‘FORE’ if you hit any wayward shots in the direction of the Bank.

Greens Staff

Staff working on the course have priority at all times.

Players are expected to wait for staff to acknowledge them and move out of range, BEFORE playing a shot that might endanger them. DO NOT assume a greenkeeper will be able to hear or react to a shout of ‘FORE!’.

Steps & Surfaces

These may be slippery when damp or wet. Golfers must ensure to wear appropriate footwear to meet the prevailing conditions. Wherever possible, keep to paths and steps.


To ensure the safety of all golf course users, buggy drivers are required to comply with the Club’s Buggy Policy and follow the relevant paths whenever possible.

First Aid

Boxes are held in the Office, behind the bar, Pro Shop and Greenkeeper’s shed. A defibrillator is held in the corridor of the Clubhouse.

General Course Safety & Etiquette

Players are reminded of the need to shout ‘FORE!’ if you cannot see the full range of any wayward shot onto adjacent fairways.

Players should not play until others in front are out range.

If a player plays a ball in a direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, they and their playing partners should immediately shout ‘FORE!’.

On hearing ‘FORE’ – crouch and cover your head with your arms.


In the event of an emergency ring 999 as soon as possible.

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